End user agreement

  • Project authors do not sale access point data and personal data of their users.
  • Project infrastructure is supported solely by user donations, project authors do not use contextual advertising.
  • Project usage is allowed only for non-commercial, research, and educational purposes.
  • User account may be banned without any notice if unfair usage is being detected, which can be described by the following points:
    1. Attempt to mass download or parse the data, or high load on the service — if you need a large chunk of data for research purposes, you must contact the administration.
    2. Use for commercial purposes — for the purpose of enrichment, the use of access points to save Internet charges does not count here.
    3. Use of a personal account to provide open access to everyone — there is a guest account for this, and if it is blocked, you cannot do anything.
    4. Registration of a new account by using invitation from the account which violated the rules — the invited accounts are being blocked in a chain if the inviter's account violates the rules.
    5. Registration of a personal account with a weak username or password — the account can be unlocked by changing the username or password.
  • In case of multiple service usage violations, the administration reserves the right to contact law enforcement authorities with the subsequent sending of a system log with all relevant data.
  • Project authors and maintainers are not responsible for the stored data in the database; only the users are responsible for their uploads. The administration reserves the right to disclose data to law enforcement authorities in case of an official request.

The text of this agreement can be changed at any moment without notification. Keep an eye on latest updates.